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The first community and hub for remote workers and digital nomads
in Rhodes, Greece.

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Be productive in a shared workspace in the city of Rhodes, designed for digital nomads and residents to work remotely from their laptop, connect with other people with the same lifestyle and make the most out of their stay.

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Enrich your experience by taking part in meetups, dinners, workshops, volunteering activities with environmental and social impact, and all kinds of events to socialize and grow as individuals and as a group.

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Benefit from a network of local businesses that covers any possible need and desire of digital nomads  living in Rhodes, like you. From accommodation to shops, from restaurants to rentals and gyms. With reserved special deals!

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Wanna be a digital nomad in Greece?

We got you covered. We are the first hub for digital nomads in Rhodes, created by digital nomads. We know how amazing this lifestyle is – but also how challenging it can be. That’s why we designed a space – digital and soon-to-be-physical – where you can find everything you need for a productive and unforgettable stay on this beautiful Greek island.

10 great reasons why you should work remotely from Rhodes, Greece

The largest island in the Dodecanese archipelago, Rhodes is a super popular holiday destination worldwide.
The tourist season goes from April to October, but it’s off-season that the island does its magic.
Believe us, we tried. We loved it. We decided to stay.
And now we want to share the magic with you.


Greeks in Rhodes speak very good English and many other languages, which makes you feel at home. And on the island lives a huge community of expats too, generating an International vibe that you’ll love.


One of the perks of living in Greece as a digital nomad is surely the weather. Hot summer, warm middle seasons, mild winter and very little rain: practically perfect. And yes, you can swim in the sea all year round! 


Rhodes is a very special city, surrounded by beaches with pristine waters at walking distance. And besides that, the whole island is rich in amazing nature, from the sea to the hills, from the lakes to the cliffs. 


Working remotely from Greece allows you to save money: the cost of living is affordable, especially off-season. Stay in Rhodes from the end of October to the beginning of April to make the most out of it.


Snorkeling, diving, sunset chasing, hiking, wind and kite surfing, listening to live music, wine tasting, soaking up culture and history, shopping, dancing, restaurant and bar hopping – whatever you like, you can do it while working remotely from Rhodes.


Rhodes’ Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and its beauty will blow your mind: walking its alleys feels like a movie! Not to mention the museums, archaeological sites and monasteries all around the island. Centuries of Greek culture at your fingertips.


Digital nomads have a soft spot for cafes, let’s face it. Well, Rhodes is full of delightful cafes, and coffee is almost a religion here. Most of them have free wifi too, although we prefer to be productive in a good coworking space [ours is coming soon!].


We’re speaking of internet connection, which is good pretty much everywhere on the island (especially in town, of course). But also of plane connections: low-cost airlines fly directly to and from Rhodes from March to November. 


If you’ve already been to Greece, as a digital nomad or a tourist, you know how mouthwatering its food is. Well, Rhodes is no exception to that – and if you stick with us, we’ll recommend you the best food spots.

10. OUR COWORKING AND HUB! [coming soon]

Rhodes as a destination for digital nomads in Greece wouldn’t be complete without a space for them to work productively and meet one another. We know how crucial it is to feel part of a community when living abroad – that’s why we’re here!

Coworking space

Yes, the picture you see is a stock one. That’s because our coworking in Rhodes is a work in progress, for now. But it will be worth the wait, trust us. Stay tuned: it’s coming soon! And in the meanwhile, you can join one of our coworking sessions from the cafes of the city 😉

Coworking in Rhodes coming soon
Rhodes digital nomads beach cleanup

Community events

Take part in the events we organize for remote workers, expats and digital nomads in Rhodes. Pop-up coworking days, dinners, informal meetups, trips, beach cleanups, wine tastings, networking opportunities, mindful activities and whatnot. Join us to enhance your work-life balance, connect with like-minded people and make the most of your stay!


Collaborative network

Support the community, and the community will support you. We want all digital nomads to feel at home in Rhodes, and have whatever they need at their fingertips. And we also want the local community to show all of its magic and be rewarded the way it deserves to be. Let’s thrive together! 

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Who’s behind Rhodes Digital Nomads?

Me, Arianna, remote worker myself. Former psychologist, currently freelancing as a copywriter, project manager, communication and marketing consultant, and community manager at heart. I am a multipotentialite and my mind can never sit still: I observe the present and I see the future. That’s why, after realizing the immense potential of Rhodes as a destination for digital nomads in Greece, I decided to do something about it. One big project and hundreds of sunsets later, here we are!

Arianna Magnani head of Rhodes Digital Nomads

Arianna Magnani

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